What States Allow Online Gambling?

Online gambling is legal in most U.S. states; however, some do have anti-gambling laws which forbid it. There are some.

Online gambling is legal in most U.S. states; however, some do have anti-gambling laws which forbid it. There are some states which only permit sports betting while others don’t even provide state lotteries – while there are others like Hawaii and Utah which don’t offer any form of gambling whatsoever.

Nevada was previously one of the only states with an extensive, regulated online gambling market. But since 2022, due to worries from state leaders regarding tourism industry impacts, they began restricting offerings – leading to fewer casino offerings overall in Nevada over time. As a result, their number has diminished substantially.

New York remains one of the few states that has not fully embraced iGaming despite multiple attempts in recent years to introduce it. While it could benefit from such ventures, New York likely prefers waiting and watching how other markets evolve before making any definitive moves themselves.

Connecticut stands out among its peers by offering some form of iGaming, featuring several online casinos as well as sports betting; Connecticut was even first to launch a regulated sportsbook after the Supreme Court lifted their federal ban!

Mississippi was another early adopter of regulated gambling. They launched their first sportsbook in 2018 with 23 retail locations for residents to use; however, no online casino play or mobile wagering are currently offered within Mississippi as anti-gambling sentiment is strong within this state.

Montana does not permit any form of online gambling, with players’ only way of placing bets within its borders being at tribal casinos that operate there.

Colorado stands apart as it does not yet provide online casino gambling despite having many sportsbooks, although this could change in the future or adopt a hybrid model to enable both types of gambling online.

Kentucky is another state worth noting in this regard. Home to Churchill Downs and known for horse racing, Kentucky only just introduced sports betting in 2023; thus far the only method available to bettors to place bets there are physical locations.

Louisiana can be an extremely complicated state when it comes to legalizing online gambling. Each parish in the state has their own set of laws and regulations that can make offering robust regulated markets difficult for operators. Still, Louisiana did pass legislation in 2023 which permits online sports betting; although its likely that this won’t lead to casino play any time soon. But, the potential is there.

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