How to Play Dragon Link Slot Machine

Dragon Link by Aristocrat is an exciting Asian-themed slot machine series with multiple progressive jackpots. Based on Lightning Link technology,.

Dragon Link by Aristocrat is an exciting Asian-themed slot machine series with multiple progressive jackpots. Based on Lightning Link technology, this series offers unique game features and an Orb trigger symbol across all titles. Customizable denomination sets and market-attuned jackpot profiles enable venues to tailor the series according to venue needs, while MarsX cabinets make for an immersive Asian gaming experience.

Dragon Link series video slots stand out with their Hold and Spin bonus round, activated when at least six coins land on any reel at once and offers three respins with only non-blank symbols and coins; landing during any of these respins awards a prize from free spins to jackpot prizes depending on how many coins land during Hold and Spin bonus round; the more coins land, the higher your chance is of claiming one of four available jackpot prizes!

Dragon Link slots’ bonus round is an effective way of winning jackpots, but be wary that it may lead to reduced payouts. If you want to increase your chances of hitting it big, try placing as few bets as possible so as to reduce overall losses while making it easier to hit that prize jackpot when it appears!

Dragon Link slots is a series of ten distinct games, each with their own distinct theme. From ancient mythology (Peace & Long Life) to legendary figures like Genghis Khan or celebrating traditional Chinese festivals (Golden Century), these five reel, 5×3 games use standard paytables but easily differentiate among themselves by looking closely at symbols and graphics.

These games feature not only Hold and Spin but also a scalable bonus game that grows with each bet placed. When making bets, players may select from among four jackpots – Minor, Minor, Major or Mega – before selecting one to spin. When enough jackpot symbols appear, the player wins their respective prize; similar to online casino slot slots such as Megabucks game.

Dragon Link games can be found at land-based casinos, typically situated in the center of the floor. They’re often featured in promotions and advertisements depending on local gambling laws; if you’re curious to give these games a try, most venues provide a free play or demo mode so that you can practice without risking your money.

Although it might be tempting to think there is a secret formula to master any slot machine, beguiling Dragon Link or any other requires strategic gameplay and an understanding of its mechanics. Patience and being aware of your limits will lead to success; managing your bankroll effectively can help avoid sudden, significant losses while keeping gaming fun!

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